Product Specifications
Minimum Order Quantity 1
Price Starting from just * Rs. 90,000/-
Lifting Height 2200mm
Total Height 3600mm
Platform Width 2300mm
Outer to Outer Width 2600mm
Length 4100mm
Hydraulic Cylinder Capacity 3 TON
Electric Motor 3HP
Hydraulic Power Pack 50 LTR.

Key Features:

This hydraulic car parking lift system from Mechocraft comes with a range of exclusive features as listed below:

  1. Hydraulic System: Utilizes hydraulic cylinders to elevate and decrease the platform effectively.
  2. Dimensional Accuracy: Designed with high dimensional precision for superior overall performance.
  3. Safety Features: Includes key switch, safety lock, emergency forestall, and greater to ensure person protection.
  4. Easy Operations: User-friendly design offers smooth and simple operation.
  5. High Performance: Built to be strong and offer exquisite performance.
  6. Anti-Slip Surface: Slip-resistant floor for introduced safety.
  7. Anti-Corrosion: Made with corrosion-resistant substances for long-lasting durability.



Mechnocraft’s Hydraulic Car Parking Lift System comes with various benefits as mentioned below:

  • Space Efficiency: Helps keep valuable area in garages or workspaces.
  • Secure and Stable: Hydraulic systems make sure car parking raise platforms are steady and strong.
  • Affordable Pricing: Available at competitive car hydraulic lift prices and hydraulic car lift system prices.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for residential, industrial, and other packages.
  • Enhanced Work Efficiency: Easy to repair and hold, increasing work performance for technicians.
  • Dimensional Accuracy: Designed with excessive dimensional accuracy for specific operations.

Specific Applications

Our hydraulic car lift is perfect for various settings:

  • Hydraulic Car Lift for Garage: Ideal for private and expert storage spaces.
  • Hydraulic Lift for Car Workshop: Enhances efficiency in vehicle workshops with easy upkeep and restore abilities.
  • Four Post Hydraulic Car Lift: Robust and dependable, perfect for great use in expert settings.

Competitive Pricing

Understanding the market, we provide the most competitive car hydraulic lift prices in India. Our hydraulic automobile lifts are designed to offer most fee, making sure you receive a pinnacle-quality product without breaking the bank.

If you’re within the market for a excessive-overall performance hydraulic car lift, Mechnocraft offers the proper solution. As main hydraulic car lift manufacturers in India, we provide top-notch products at low-cost expenses. For the first-rate hydraulic car lift price in India, contact us and get the exceptional quote today!

Discover how our revolutionary hydraulic car lift systems can revolutionize your technique to vehicle parking and workshop performance. Reach out to us now to speak about your particular requirements and explore our advanced answers.



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